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Disappeared - contemporary enamelled jewellery

Have you seen anything like this, or in this style? Do you know of an acquaintance of Elfad Badiskharov or Marit Christensen offering jewellery for sale? If so, please contact your local police!

This missing jewellery is instantly recognisable, it is both totally original and stunningly beautiful. It is as much contemporary art as jewellery, created by the internationally known enamellist Marit Guinness Aschan.

It could turn up in Norway, Russia, Switzerland, the Middle East or anywhere. Please help us to find these beautiful and important works of art - they are irreplaceable and would be a great loss if they disappeared into some underground collecion or, worse still, were melted down for the gold and precious stones.

If you see, or hear of, anything like them, then please, please contact your local police and ask them to pass the information on to the Norwegian police in Oslo, who are leading the search.

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Updated 3 Feb 2008

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