Your business

Your systems are there to help your business work effectively. But do they deliver? Are they money well spent?

Too many organisations waste millions of pounds on ineffective systems, despite the best efforts of their experienced professionals. How can you stop that happening to you?

STEEL offers an approach to independent evaluation of a system's effectiveness in a way that business people and managers can apply.


System and Technology Effectiveness Evaluation Levels (STEEL) are a way of assessing the effectiveness of a system across its various design functions.

It highlights key indicators in a simple and easy approach that anybody can apply. This can help you to guide further effort and resources in the most cost-effective direction.

You can use STEEL at any time during the system's delivery lifecycle, from inception through to operational evaluation.

Systems Engineering

STEEL can be used by business, project and systems professionals. As such it can provide a common framework for understanding each other.

STEEL does not replace any of the specialist tools you already use. Rather, it provides a common framework and language for distilling out key indicators in a form which can be shared and understood across the wider business. This helps the business to highlight and focus on the design aspects that matter most.


STEEL Checksheets provide an easy way to bring all the key indicators for a system together and gain an overall picture. Download them from here.


If you are a provider of systems delivery software tools, you might want to consider adding STEEL to your product features.

steelpillow ltd

Steelpillow developed STEEL to encapsulate our expertise gathered over a decade and more of making systems work for our clients. I have been asked a few times if I could make it more widely available, so here it is. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Updated 14 July 2015