Input Device Design Concepts

Holdfast Designs specialises in controllers and input devices for computers and other electrical equipment. All our designs are carefully tailored to the needs of the users.

We are the design house behind the original Holdfast Computing Joypad and many of their related switch input accessories. We have also prduced concept designs for a range of keyboards and integrated computer form factors.

Switch Inputs for Early learning and SEN

Simple switch inputs enable the user to move an object on-screen or navigate a user interface. Their advantages over a joystick or mouse are that they can be made very robust, and users need not be capable of coordinated two-axis control movement. Our early learning Joypad was a popular example.

The Holdfast switch connection is based on the old 9-pin D-connector standard, once popular for 'Atari' compatible joysticks. For modern computers, Atari-to-USB adapters are widely available.

We have a small number of demonstration units available. Please note that these devices are no longer in production. For modern PCs you will need to provide your own adapter or controller, such as an Atari-to-USB adapter.

Keyboards for Early Learning and SEN

Keyboards designed for adults are impenetrable to small children, while those intended for Early Learning are often cheap, breakable consumer toys, with flat membrane keys that are difficult to operate. In fact the quality of design demanded for effective Early Learning use are greater than those for adults; cheap toys are absolutely the wrong way to go. When properly designed and presented, young children can focus on the function and understanding; such keyboards offer many opportunities for structured learning.

DASH Keyboard for Fast Typing

The DASH keyboard aims to speed up typing by rearranging the letters. DASH adopts a minimal-change philosophy from the standard QWERTY layout, making it much easier to pick up, and to manufacture at low cost. The changes focus on optimisation of productivity gains while minimising cost and inconvenience.

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