Writings, Published and Unpublished

Like any other author, much of what J.W. Dunne wrote never made it into print. And like any other forgotten personality, many of his more obscure writings contain fascinating insights into his life and thinking. Here is a collection of the more salient ones that have come to my attention.

Title and detailsDateTypeNotes
Short story, title unknown. Pub. unknown journal, Cape Town1893JournalLost?
The Mirror1900BookPrivate circulation
"The Ulster Question", Letter1914Private TS
Note on unprofitable pits1921Private TS
The Forging Song1942Music MS
“Mr. Burdett-Coutts's Charges”, letter to The Times, 7 July 1900, p10.1900JournalConcerning medical care in the Boer War.
A plea for the formation of a Special Corps out of the present Mounted Infantry in South Africa1903Private TS7pp + 3pp notes. National Army Museum.
“Machine Guns Up-to-Date”: comment in the subsequent debate. RUSI Journal, Vol 48, Issue 319 (1904), pp 1032-1049.1904Journal
Draft letter to The Times re. bacterial warfare1915PrivateUnpublished
The Millennium1920Screenplay TS
The Only Way Out1936Private TSEarly edition of The League... for private circulation
The League of North-West Europe: A Solution to the European Crisis, Hutchinson1936Book
“Dunne Aeroplane Control”, letter to Flight, 25 June 1910, Page 493.1910Journal
"Account of the Trials, Automatic Stability Machine", Aeronautical Journal, Jan 1911, p.15ff. Reprinted in Flight, 18 February 1911, pp.133-1341911Journal
"The Dunne Monoplane", letter to Flight/, 21 September 1912, Page 865.1912Journal
“The Theory of the Dunne Aeroplane”, Aeronautical Journal, Vol 17 No 66 April 1913 pp.83-102. Serialised in Flight, 16 Aug to 13 Sept 1913.1913Journal
Letter to Science Museum, 16 February 1928.1928TSSummary history of the Dunne aeroplanes. TS dated 1927 in error.
"Notes relating to drawings and photographs...", provided to Science Museum, 20 June 1928.1928MS and TSNotes accompanying photographs of some Dunne aircraft. TS contains a significant transcription error.
"From Out of Retirement", Correspondence, The Aeroplane, 12 December 1941, p.664.1941Journal
"The May-Fly is Hatching".Private TS
"The Overwater Vision of Trout", The Field, 9 Dec 1922, p831.1922Journal
"The Vision of Trout: I.—The Circle of Vision Fallacy", The Field, 19 April 1923, p578.1922Journal
"The Vision of Trout: II.—A Simple Experiment", The Field, 3 May 1923.1922Journal
Sunshine and the Dry Fly, A.&C. Black1924Book
Letter to Marston, The Fishing Gazette, 20 December 19241924Journal
“The Fly on the Water”, Fisherman’s Pie, Ed. WA Hunter. Reprinted in C. Farlow & Co. Ltd. The Angling Specialists: Catalogue of High-class Fishing Tackle (1930)1926Book
Children's fiction
The Jumping Lions of Borneo, Faber.1937BookAmerican edition: pub Henry Holt (1938), illustrations by Irene Robinson.
An Experiment with St. George, Faber.1939BookAmerican edition: St. George and the Witches, Henry Holt (1939), less scary illustrations.
Tales Told to Rosemary.Private TSUnfinished.
"The general idea of the old Time note books"Private MS
An Experiment with Time, A.&C. Black1927BookMany subsequent editions and translations.
Letter to Cicely, 16 March 19271927Private TSPlain-language account of the content and theology of An Experiment with Time.
"Reply to Harvey B. Lemon."1927MS/TSUnpublished?
Letter to HG Wells, 4 March 19281928Private
"Serialism - A New Theory of the Universe", The Listener, Vol IV. Part I, No.88, 17 Sept 1930, pp439-40. Part II, No. 89, 24 Sept 1930, pp482-3.1930JournalTranscripts of BBC Radio talks, 12 and 17 Sept 1930.
Comments on Serialism, Nature, 15 November 19301930Journal
Introductory note to fourth edition of Moberly and Jourdain, An Adventure.1931BookPrevious deitions published under the pseudonyms Morrison and Lamont.
"Can We Travel in the Time Dimension?", Armchair Science 3, No. 7, October 1931, pp 415-16.1931Journal
The Serial Universe, Faber & Faber1934Book2nd Edn published 1942.
Note (in reply to criticisms). In M.F. Cleugh, Time: And its Importance in Modern Thought, 1937, p1881937Book
Speaking Personally, BBC television, 7 Dec 1937, 9:00-9:10 pm.1937Recording
“The Super-Mind and the Mind of Man”, Morning Post, 18 February 1037.1937JournalInterpreting a precognitive dream of Rudyard Kipling.
The New Immortality, Faber & Faber1938Book
Letter to HG Wells, 1938.1938Private
Nothing Dies, Faber & Faber.1940BookSeveral reprints, sixth and last impression 1946.
Radio script, part proposal, 27 April 1940.1940TSUnpublished.
Letter to Miss Rodger, 3 February 19451945Private TSConcerning a spiritualist experience.
"A Glimpse of the Real World", Enquiry, Issue No. 1, April 1948.1948Journal
Intrusions?, 1st Edn. Faber & Faber1955BookCompleted posthumously by Cecily and others.
“No - You Have Not Lived Before”, Daily Mail.Journalc.f. Spring 1929: preparing pieces for Daily Mail and Evening Standard
"Chapter 1: The Public and Private World".Private MSUnpublished?
“The Challenge of Serialism”, draft.Private TSUnpublished?
“Why I Believe in Dreams”Private TSc.f. Spring 1929: preparing pieces for Daily Mail and Evening Standard

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