Dunne Aircraft: Recognition

Images and descriptions of Dunne's aircraft appear from time to time. They are often mis-identified by researchers who do not know their full history. Here are some of the key design points which will help you to identify which machine you are really looking at.

DesignationDescriptionWhereWhenRecognition points
Dunne-HuntingtonTriplaneEastchurch1910-14 Triple-tandem wing. Initially inline engine with twin propellers, angled elevon hinges, interplane side curtains. Later rotary with one propeller, straight hinges, no curtains.
D.1ABiplane gliderBlair Atholl1907 Separate launching trolley. Dark fabric with white stripes. No wingtip fins. No fuselage.
D.1BPowered D.1 biplaneBlair Atholl1907 D.1A mounted on open-frame power chassis, twin propellers. Separate launching trolley. Never flew. No known photographs.
D.2Triplane[Farnborough]1907/8 Glider. Triple-tandem wing. Unbuilt design.
D.3BiplaneBlair Atholl1908 Glider. No fuselage. No known photographs.
D.4BiplaneFarnborough, Blair Atholl, Shellbeach1908, 1909 Twin propellers, model no. on wingtip fin, dark fabric with white stripes. Hopped.
D.5BiplaneShellbeach, Eastchurch1910 Single square cut-out to fin, twin propellers, inline engine. Crashed.
D.6"Dunne-Capper" monoplaneLarkhill (Salisbury Plain)1910-11 Triple A-frame open chassis, inline engine. Never flew.
D.7MonoplaneEastchurch, Larkhill1911-13 Rectangular open chassis, inline engine with overwing radiator or rotary engine with 2-bladed prope and torque flap. Several examples built, 1st was D.6 rebuilt, all crashed. [Often confused with the D.6]
D.7bisFrench-built monoplaneVillacoublay (Paris)1913 2-seat open chassis, rotary with 4-bladed prop, rectangular elevon braces. Seen only in France (other monoplanes only in UK).
D.8"Carden's" biplaneEastchurch, Larkhill1911-12 Single square cut-out to fin, single propeller, inline engine.
D.8"Nieuport-Dunne" biplaneEastchurch, France1913 Single square cut-out to fin, single propeller, rotary engine. Carden's machine reworked.
Nieuport"Nieuport-Dunne" biplaneFrance1913-14 License-built. Fins inset with curved trailing edge. Rotary with single propeller. Trailing main wheels. Derived from D.8. Not known to have flown.
D.8bis"Hendon" biplaneHendon1913 Twin triangular cut-outs to fin, single propeller, rotary engine. Reduced leading-edge droop, giving nose-up attitude in flight.
D.8bis"Farnborough" biplaneEastchurch, Farnborough1913-14 Twin triangular cut-outs to fin, single propeller, rotary engine. Full leading-edge droop. Eventually given serial no. 366.
D.8bisUndelivered biplaneEastchurch1914 Twin triangular cut-outs to fin, single propeller, rotary engine. Full leading-edge droop. Cancelled 2nd Farnborough machine.
D.9Biplane[Eastchurch]1913 Unequal span (sesquiplane). Unbuilt design. [Often confused with the very different Levis-Belmont, aka, "James", aka "Leonie" monoplane]
D.10BiplaneEastchurch1913 Failed experiment. No known photographs. [Often confused with the D.8 bis]
D.11"Armstrong Whitworth" biplane[Scotswood (Elswick)]1914 Unfinished design.

Updated 13 January 2020