This "blocki" is an experimental cross between a blog and a wiki, intended for all those miscellaneous thoughts I want to share as they occur, like a blog, but keep growing on me so I want to go back and keep them up to date, like a wiki. It has proved its worth and has become as useful to me personally as has is for sharing, if not more so, steadily eating into my "bright ideas I am working on" workspace.

If you want to offer a comment on any topic I ramble on about, please follow the Contact link and send me an email. If it is useful then I will add it to the page. But I will not be accepting trivia or rants. For more about the site design and (lack of) technology, see The Blocki Experiment.


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Latest News

20 April 2024, Diesel Good, Petrol Bad. Biodiesel and other tweaks.

15 April 2024, Kissing Frogs: Falsification, Induction and Parapsychology. Induction, kissing frogs and black swans.

9 Apr 2024, Bit of a style makeover. Giving up on second-guessing all those mobile browsers that second-guess everything already.

8 Feb 2024, The Shape of the Universe. Added infinity, non-orientability and a correction.

26 Jan 2024, The Eruption of Rock. Or, Remember the Werewolves of London.

21 Dec 2023, HTML 5 Sucks. Update: What better to do on midwinter's day than add a grumble about the self-contradictions of a "living standard".

26 Nov 2023, Artificial Intelligence. More thoughts/details and a bit of an update.

23 July 2023, Open Index Concordance : RFC. Indexing long LibreOffice Writer documents the easy way.

3 July 2023, A Mystery Box. This trinket/cigartette box should not exist.

30 June 2023, Cosmological Frontiers. Issues that deserve more attention.

19 May 2023, Dowsing, Ley Lines and Tony Hopwood. [Update] Postscript on radiesthesia and plant sensitivity.

14 May 2023, Information Topology. An approach to some paradoxes in theoretical physics.

26 Apr 2023, Artificial Intelligence. New section on What is AI?

26 Apr 2023, Architectural Style. General update.

18 Feb 2023, Psychedelic Colours. Update: Pridmore's revised opponent-process model.

20 Nov 2022, Causality. Update: Dual causalities is my new, wild idea.

30 Sept 2022, A Clearing in the Dark Forest. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Or is it?