Services we provide

Technical Consultancy

Steelpillow provide high-level technical consultancy, primarily in the IT/ICT sector. We specialise in the interdisciplinary zone between business activity, technology systems and project delivery, where systems expertise is vital but a pragmatic appreciation of your business processes is even more so.

We also offer traditional skills-based services, such as technical authoring and aspects of system engineering and design.


- Business Integration - Systems Engineering - Design - Technical Writing -

Business integration

It is easy to waste millions of pounds on systems that turn out to be useless. Steelpillow can help integrate system delivery into the way you do business, to ensure success.

For a taster of how we go about it, check out STEEL.

IT Licensing is an issue that profoundly affects your ability to respond dynamically to changes in your business. Steelpillow can help you understand licensing models and how to leverage them to your advantage as an IT consumer.

Project troubleshooting is anothey way we can help get business systems delivery back on track, even if your call to us comes a little late in the day.

System engineering

System engineering binds technical deliveries to meeting the needs of the business, and at the business level is very much a holistic or "non-specialist's" speciality. Our longstanding technical and business experience enable us to support such interdisciplinary working, especially at the people interfaces such as business, user, support and security regimes. Typical activities we offer include:

  • Business process and stakeholder analysis
  • Use cases, user stories and UX
  • System high-level architecture
  • Information Assurance and design for Security
  • Supportability
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) troubleshooting


Steelpillow provide high-level design services for:

  • User interfaces
  • Clear and effective diagrams, communicating complex ideas in an intuuitive way
  • Logos and house styles

Technical writing

A good technical author must not only be a competent wordsmith but must have excellent communication and management skills and an open, positive approach to your needs.

Steelpillow will work within your timescale and budget to deliver cost-effective solutions. We offer:

  • Documentation requirements
  • Document design
  • Effective and readable documents
  • Quality presentation
  • Outstanding added value

Steelpillow have extensive experience of delivering:

  • Web and wiki based solutions
  • Software guides
  • IT and ICT system documentation including manuals, security and support documents
  • Equipment manuals and parts catalogues

Introduction to GSM

A revised and improved Second Edition is now available, in both print and ebook formats. Please download our flyer (pdf) with further details, or go straight to the purchase page.



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