Input and Control Devices
for Early Learning and Special Needs

Our concept designs are based around the standard switch-input 9-pin 'D' connector, once popular for 'Atari' compatible joysticks. For modern computers, Atari-to-USB adapters are widely available.


Our robust Joypad is designed for Early Learners and Special Needs, and also finds use wherever a friendly, robust controller is needed:

Small children can find mice, trackballs, keyboards and even gaming joypads too difficult to use. The Holdfast Joypad gets them interacting sooner, easing frustration and encouraging exploration.

The Joypad is also valuable in any situation where a simple, robust directional controller is needed.

For modern PCs you will need a suitable adapter or controller, such as an Atari-to-USB adapter.

Please note that large quantities are no longer available. We have a small number of units that we can provide for demonstration and trial purposes.


Connects up to five special input switches fitted with the tough old 1/4" (6.35mm) jack plugs, to any device which accepts Atari joystick input.

Now you can use your old switches with both your old and new equipment.

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Updated 24 April 2019