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Published Works

by Guy Inchbald

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Children's Stories
IT and Communications


Nobody Steals My Air: And Other Stories

Includes the novella Nobody Steals My Air along with six more short stories, mostly SF.

Now available to order as an e-book and in two book sizes, from my Lulu page. It should roll out across the Internet over the next few weeks.

In space, to steal air is the cardinal sin. Jim Dorville was one of life's losers, let out of jail only to be ripped off by the shuttle operator taking him home. He and his space station – his personal stinkbucket – set off on a trail of adventure that will lead them to an interplanetary conspiracy where whether a mind is human of cyber falls into insign-ificance alongside the explosion of cultures that followed civilisation's expansion into space – and to its astonishing climax. Nobody Steals My Air is a novella-length tale of the Last Frontier, of what it is to be human in the birth pangs of a new era.

Six more tales in this slim but thoughtful collection span the universe, from Victorian steam-punk to the deepest reaches of space, time and being.

Available in print and e-book from:

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If You Don't Mind

FREE taster of three SF short stories culled from Nobody Steals My Air.

The Ghost of Ada Lovelace: Charles Babbage’s unfinished Difference Engine, Ada Countess of Lovelace’s computer programming and the steampunk fancy we find in Leibniz’ “Monadology” are all a part of history. A complete and working reproduction of a Babbage engine is nowadays to be found in the Science Museum, London, England.

Bladeship: Classic "get out of that one" hard SF.

Counterpoint: A revised, expanded and I like to think improved version of a story originally made available on the World Wide Web. How do you answer the unanswerable? Here I set it to music.

Available as a FREE e-book from:

Children's Fiction

The Jigsaw Unicorn

The Jigsaw Unicorn is another story from Nobody Steals My Air. It really needs illustrating and publishing on its own, so if you are an artist and like unicorns, please get in touch!



See my Polyhedra pages.

IT and Communications

Introduction to GSM

The GSM “2G” cellular radio telephony system has been around a long time and shows no sign of disappearing just yet.

This booklet is intended both as an introductory guide for the new student and as a handy aide memoire for those working in the field.

A technical overview of the basic GSM system is used to introduce the principles of mobile radio telephony in general. After outlining basic concepts and the GSM high-level architecture, the challenges of mobile tele­phony are emphasised through the complexities of the air interface.

This revised second edition includes an updated and expanded first chapter as well as many other small improvements.

Soon to be made widely available, you can already buy it in print and e-book formats from Lulu.

RISC OS and Linux - a Comparison

In Archive 15/1, Oct 2001, pp 65-69.

Archive was a subscription-only Acorn/RISC OS magazine.

Getting to Grips with the Mk 14

In Practical Computing, Aug 1979, pp 93-95. Reprinted Dec 1979, pp 84, 87.

An original look at (then) plain Clive Sinclair and co's first computer, using the Science of Cambridge name as a bolt hole from issues with the Sinclair brand.


Wings of Hamburg: Aircraft of Bohm & Voss and the HFB

Edited by me, this is a Wikipedia book compiled from Wikipedia articles. As such it provides a snapshot of the articles at the time of compilation and has been written by many contributors, including myself under the alias "steelpillow".

Wikipedia books are publshed via PediaPress, an independent print-on-demand publisher set up for the purpose. Copies can be ordered through their Wings of Hamburg page.

Composite Hotol

In Spaceflight News, Dec 1986, pp 12-15.

The original idea for a piggyback Hotol launcher, predating the scheme to put it on the Russian An-225 Mriya (Dream) heavy transport.

Updated 26 April 2018

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