This "blocki" is a cross between a blog and a wiki. It is an experimental platform, intended for all those miscellaneous thoughts I want to share as they occur, like a blog, but keep growing on me so I want to go back and keep them up to date, like a wiki. It is already proving its worth and has become as useful to me personally as it is for sharing, if not more so, steadily eating into my "bright ideas I am working on" workspace. If you want to offer a comment on any topic I ramble on about, please follow the Contact link and send me an email. If it is useful then I will add it to the page. But I will not be accepting trivia or rants. For more about the site design and technology, see The Blocki Experiment.


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Latest news

8 Apr 2022, Specious speciation. Go on, admit it. It's time to clear up the mess.

6 Apr 2022, The Free Will Transformation. Exploding the myth of determinism.

22 Feb 2022, HTML 5 Sucks. Update: Overlapping and the z-index.

9 Feb 2022, The pseudosceptics. Fanatical sceptics only pretend to science and reason.

27 Jan 2022, Precognition? Perhaps. Update: Expanded discussion on fakery, scepticism and proof.

21 Nov 2021, Diesel Good, Petrol Bad. If we want to save the planet, we have it back to front.

3 Nov 2021, Look At Your Self. Update: With zombies, and other imporvements.

9 Oct 2021, Aerospace section split off as a separate website.

4 Oct 2021, Site revamp. Layout reorganised and other tweaks.

27 Sept 2021, Anatomy of a Thought. More about what a thought or experience really is.

12 June 2021, Ternalism: the Three Levels of Being. Further Update with reference to Davies and semantics. Named as Ternalism in my previous update.

11 June 2021, On the Origins of Life and Viruses. Update: Viruses might play a role in the story of the creation of life itself.

1 June 2021, Integrated Information Theory Update: Flaws in what is otherwise a promising theory of mind.

30 May 2021, A Radical Liberal Manifesto Update: More bright ideas on how to run the country.

29 May 2021, Architectural Style. How it took me half a century to get there.

18 May 2021, Brexit and Beyond - A Personal View. Title change, some more details.

4 May 2021, The Old Smart Diet. How our brains grew so large.

17 Apr 2021, Freckles, Heidi and Sentience. Update: The famous manta ray is upstaged by the octopus.