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28 Oct 2019, What Physicists don't Tell. Added the nature of time in string theory.

13 Oct 2019, A Liberal Philosophy. Update and cleanup.

6 Sept 2019, The Giant Squid Effect. Things long held mythical that turn out to exist after all.

2 Sept 2019, Ex-Treme Speculation. Why the proposal of tremes, the "third replicator," is wrong.

2 Sept 2019, Philosophy revamp. Section split into Theory of Mind and Ontology (being).

24 Aug 2019, The Circle of Life. This came into my head in an idle moment. It seems too viral to waste.

15 July 2019, Causality. Quantum (non)locality in time as well as space.

13 July 2019, Freckles: Cognition and Sentience. The manta ray who just blew us all away.

8 June 2019, J W Dunne posts. Moved to a new J W Dunne web site.

18 Mar 2019, HTML 5 Sucks. More small thoughts and updates.

16 Mar 2019, About this Blocki. How the experiment is going.

3 Mar 2019, Polyhedron posts. Broken up and mostly moved to my main polyhedron web site.

17 Feb 2019, Towards a Theory of Qualia. Qualia and the physical world, corrections to terminology.

2 Feb 2019, The Three Levels of Being. Added Paul Davies, clarified semantics vs. symbols.

19 Jan 2019, Precognition? Perhaps. Added my own inconclusive experiences and other remarks.

4 Dec 2018, Why Meme? Streghthened critique of tremes, the supposed "third replicator"; no, and no.

1 Nov 2018, Tekel-Mirim – Tolkien's Polyhedra. Added note on penitentes.