This "blocki" is an experimental cross between a blog and a wiki, intended for all those miscellaneous thoughts I want to share as they occur, like a blog, but keep growing on me so I want to go back and keep them up to date, like a wiki. It has proved its worth and has become as useful to me personally as has is for sharing, if not more so, steadily eating into my "bright ideas I am working on" workspace.

If you want to offer a comment on any topic I ramble on about, please follow the Contact link and send me an email. If it is useful then I will add it to the page. But I will not be accepting trivia or rants. For more about the site design and (lack of) technology, see The Blocki Experiment.


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Latest News

5 May 2024, Romano-Celtic Bronze Dodecahedra. Candlesticks or fiddlesticks?

20 April 2024, Diesel Good, Petrol Bad. Update: Biodiesel and other tweaks.

15 April 2024, Kissing Frogs: Falsification, Induction and Parapsychology. Induction, kissing frogs and black swans.

9 Apr 2024, Bit of a style makeover. Giving up on second-guessing all those mobile browsers that second-guess everything already.

8 Feb 2024, The Shape of the Universe. Update: Added infinity, non-orientability and a correction.

26 Jan 2024, The Eruption of Rock. Or, Remember the Werewolves of London.

21 Dec 2023, HTML 5 Sucks. Update: What better to do on midwinter's day than add a grumble about the self-contradictions of a "living standard".

26 Nov 2023, Artificial Intelligence. Update: More thoughts/details and a bit of an update.

23 July 2023, Open Index Concordance : RFC. Indexing long LibreOffice Writer documents the easy way.

3 July 2023, A Mystery Box. This trinket/cigartette box should not exist.

30 June 2023, Cosmological Frontiers. Issues that deserve more attention.

19 May 2023, Dowsing, Ley Lines and Tony Hopwood. Update: Postscript on radiesthesia and plant sensitivity.

14 May 2023, Information Topology. An approach to some paradoxes in theoretical physics.