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The Circle of Life

This came into my head in an idle moment. It seems too viral to waste.

Ten billionaires died together in a plane crash. When their wills were read out, they were all different. Most left their money to their family and close friends, but they shared it out differently.

The capitalist left it all to the smartest businessman.

The conservative left it all to the head of the family.

The liberal shared it out equally to all.

The socialist shared it out as each had earned it.

The communist shared it according to need.

The anarchist left everybody to argue over it.

The lottery winner raffled it.

But three had other ideas.

The materialist had their head stored in a cryo vault for eventual resurrection.

The monarch had a temple built dedicated to themself, to keep them in existence in the afterlife.

The priest set up a charitable fund to pay for priests to worship at the temple.

Sadly the head of the family was convicted of deliberately causing the plane crash, the smartest businessman died of a heart attack on hearing the news, those who had received equal shares became aggrieved and miserable because they each thought they themself deserved extra, those who had earned it never earned the time of day again, those who received it according to need also never worked again, the argument broke out into bloodshed and they were all fatally wounded, while the raffle winners spent it all on more lottery tickets. The cryo company went bankrupt and shut down the power, while the temple with all the priests in was destroyed when an airplane crashed on it. There were no survivors. The passengers in the plane were ten billionaires....

Updated 24 Aug 2019