Thoughts on aspects of aerospace that interest me, in both fact and fiction.

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20 Apr 2024. More About the Comets since I wrote my book.

10 Apr 2024. Aerospace Dreams. Supermarine Twinfang S Mk 31-32 added.

22 Mar 2024. How do Wings Lift? More on the humble atomiser.

18 Mar 2024. Aerodynamics of the Tailless Wing. Much updated.

3 Feb 2024. Ukrainian Aeronautics: A Brief History. Very unfinished.

3 Feb 2024. Where's My Flying Car? Update - still waiting.

15 May 2023. On Fiction and What-If Modelling. How fact, fiction and fantasy fit together, even in real life.

6 Mar 2023. Hoax Aircraft. Updated; the Soviet nuclear bomber scare of 1958.