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Just some thoughts on aspects of aerospace that interest me.

Latest News

8 Aug 2022. Hoax Aircraft. Updated; more about various notable historical hoaxes.

22 July 2022. Aerodynamics of the Tailless Wing. Updated: Various additions.

29 Apr 2022. Whitehead vs. the Smithsonian. The controversy revisited.

20 Feb 2022. Fantasy What-If Aircraft; ´╗┐Miscellaneous fictions.

20 Feb 2022. The Blohm & Voss Bergahorn; ´╗┐Fictional project.

13 Feb 2022. Where's My Flying Car?; Real soon now - seriously.

27 Nov 2021. Space Planes to Orbit; more about the HOTOL era.

23 Nov 2021. Rotors Unlimited; rotorcraft don't have to have conventional rotors!

21 Oct 2021. The Comet Racers Uncovered; moved in from my publications. Other fixes.

9 Oct 2021. Site created; Spun off from my blocki.

4 Sept 2021. Vive la Moustache. A rare but stylish aircraft design feature.